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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  November 7, 2015 10:00pm-10:30pm CST

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>> brady: had the big personnel out there before the time-out. >> brady: it appears they'll stick with it. number 42, marcus sanders-williams, hanley. out t tre on thedge as well with poole. >> joe: everybody's eyes in husky stadium on number 23. watch out for number 7. >> joeoe option, both of them involve wilson cuts, towards the ends zone, he's in, touchdown utah, on third and gl. >> brady: clearly booker is going to receive all of the attention and wisely travis wilson hesitates just enonoh to allow the washington defense to overpursue. finds the cutback lane.
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give credit, he continues to push him out of the way and create the running lane for wilson to get in the end zone. >> joe: second rushing touchdown of the night for wilson. and as with all scoringng plays this one is being reviewed. >> referee: play is underreview. >> joe: need a little extra time. >> brady: see if the backckde was down before he gets to the end zone. looks like he falls on top for the washington defender as he goes across the goal line. this might be another call that would be hard to overturn based on the call on the fieie. that defender underneath of wilsls.
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to overturn on that call. >> joe: here's my question to head coach whittingham, do you contemplate going for two? look agent the score, 7-point game. kicking the p.a.t. makes it eight. it's only a one-score game. make it an opportunity to go for the two-score game. >> joe: taken oift box. >> brady: it's jirnt math. >> joe: but you may want t put the prereure on the freshman quarterback to not only score but convert the two-point conversion. >> brady: with this weather and the rain right now, a lot of pressure on the kickers. >> referee: after review the ruling on the field stands. touchdown. >> joe: not enough there. the extra point comes up. nine-play drive on, all nine plays on the ground.
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finished off by travis wilson. one point during his four-year career as a starter, thought his career might be finished. had a concussion that revealed an intra-cranial arltsry problem. wasn't even cleared to pl until the following june. put up the best numbers of his career.
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number 12 team in the country. >> joe: veterans day usaa honors all who dared to serve. 6 visit washington wearing the american flag themed helmets tonight. in honor of veterans day. andy phillipseady to kick it, inde of 3 1/2 left. the angle and the wave from mcclatcher. it's returned, i to the 29 yard line by gaskin. time for the game break, jenny? >> thaenks. another controversial college football finish, number 7 michigan state and nebraska. closing seconds, tommy to brandon riley, 30 yards foir for the tumpbdown. he did step out of bounds, play was reviewed and upheld. after so many heartbreaking $% losses f nebraska they have their moment, knocking off prpriously undefeated michigan state. >> joe: knocked off michigan state, knocked off possibly a
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contender for the football playoff and connor cook. unfortunately up for the heisman. >> joe: browning on time, on target, first down. pickupupf 11, working against brian allen, up to the fourth. >> brady: still plenty of time. knock stopped after the first down in college football. once the ball is set. >> joe: all three time-outs by washington, back-to-back throws to start the drive. under pressure, ball comes out. who's got it. no signal, until now. utah football. >> brady: you got to credit defensive end kiely fitts number 11. he was working on the backup to trey adams. >> joe: matt james another freshman starting out with the
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he doesn't give up on the play. not much can you do with jake browning. you will did your job. eventually he will be able to diagnose the secondary veteran, get the ball out of his hands. no one has eyes in the back of their head. hard to see. >> joe: fourth turnover of the day for washington. utah has it at the 35. trying to make it a two-score game. booker dancing, bursting, nine yards on first down. booker hasecome a bigger part of the story as this game has worn on, 1:41. >> brady: 30 rushing attempts, he has that number. kyle whittingham talks about wanting to get booker during the course of the game. in the loss versus usc.
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only loss this season. they felt like they didn't get booker enough touches in the game. go back to oregon state. a ton of touches. early and often. >> joe: first 16 plays, here it's booker r te. second down and one, right back to him. first down. such great patience and vision to go along with the superior athleticism. five yards.. another utah first down. >> brady: so smooth. not as if he waits for energy. cutting back and forth. cuts transition effortlessly. finds a hole. contntues on. e. >> referee: first charged time-out, washington. >> joe: washington takes its
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referee set the clock to 1:59. >> joe: rnovers dooming chris peterson's team tonight. fofo of them. they haven't committed a single one over the last two games. utah's ball hawking defense coming alive after going two games without rcing one. 218 yard line with the first down -- at the 21 yard line. booker powers through victor. the man's run right there fofo five.
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no slouch. former linebacker i i quoted as was. >> joe: three-year starter teemu, leading tackler. dr pepper one of a kd plays of the game started with booker. last drive, this wasas converted on third down and short to set up first down and goal. and then on third down and goal on the option play, wilson, found his way in for his second rushing toucucown of the game. now utah trying to put this game away. one of a kind dr pepper play of the game. utah hoping that at least their eighth win of the season, in the 8-1 record, 1:52 for booker tonight.
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by greg gaines. hake make that tupo. washington takes their final time-out, tryininto force a field goal attempt from andy coach whittingham's team on the verge of a big road win. they were actually the underdog coming into this game ge spite being the number 12 team. despite being 7-1. here's what they have got left. >> brady: arizona another road game, tough to win back-to-back. but arizona not playing very well right now. tough matchup versus ucla. then colorado at the end of the season. got pounded 40-10 by stanford. looking very likely that this utah team could end up being one-loss team playing for the pac 12 south in the pac 12 championship. most likely against stanford. >> joe: division potentially on
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against ucla. third down and booker, driven back. and dropped. tupo finished him off andnd they will f fce a field goal attempt. season high 34 rush atementses for booker. matches what he did against tall. -- against cal in the win against salt lake city about a month ago. >> big kick right here. really seals the victory based on how mucuc timeould be left after the field goal. >> joe: run it down to about a minute before snapping it. then they will be looking at a 35-yarder for phillips. >> brady: uphill battle for jake browningngf they were to miss.s. still needing a touchdown. >> referee: second charged time-out. >> brady: we've seen stranger things happen. >> joe: on special teams especially. michigan-michihin state. georgia tech-florida state.
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>> brady: yeah. just saw a highlight of michigan state-nebraska, wide receiver stepped up. still don't call it. it's incredible. >> joe: andy phillips goes out there. junior from draperutah. he's been at least the semifinalist for the grozo award all three years he's played football, period. didn't play until he got to utah. still a year of eligibility left for him. made from 43, he missed from 45. this from 36. right down the middle. to all but seal the deal inside for utah. >> brady: look at the overload
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credit utah, no penetration allowed. phillips, knocks it right through. >> joe: special teams won by utah tonight. and they just about cap it off with a field goal there to go up 11. while we have a moment here, limit's go to jenny for another game broke break. >> not near thely the battle we expected from l.s.u. and alabama. >> brady: derrick henry and the tide running away with it. his third touchdown tonight. l.s.u.'s leonard fournette, 13 yards rushing. 'bama leads -10 in the fourth quarter. >> joe: literally running away with it, 130 yards, almost 30 carries, three t ds. fournette on the other side, less than 20 yards, in the entire game. quarterback brandon harris
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hadn't thrown an interception all year lon threw one tonight. tough secondary for abama. go to see they scored more points, too. >> joe: better than paint drying? >> brady: yeah, better 37b-0 at halftime -- better than 3-0 at halftime. >> joe: a bouncer that dies around the 25. mcclatcher juggles and takes it to the 35 yard line. th producer of today's game is eric, jeremy green the director. associate directors brian beaterman with kevin word, broadcast associate, xumenter statistician, statman in the booth, paul davis the spotter, dawn esposito the technical team. thanks to our camera crew out in the rain today. tim lebluff, that's not in the rain. eddie's in the rain but doesn't care. terry ford better known as "turtle" also part of the great core group. phenomenal job all year. great group of guys that travel around the country.
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out of bounds. 45 ticks remaining. >> brady: the strategy for washington, try to work the ball upfield. as soon as you can take a field goal you kick it. then you on-side kick and throw a mail har i -- throw a "hail mary." that's the strategy for washington i would implement. >> j: 20 for 36 tonit, 224. over the middle, mickens, looks like able to hang on. he'll hustle to the line with a completion of 19 yards. mickens up slowly. limps his way off. on a flag, should be a 10-second run yofer. >> brady: shouldn't be, though, that's on the offifials. the chains weren't set. he went ahead and said snap the football.
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that shouldn't be on washington. >> joe: washington does not have a time-out to avoid the 10-second runoff. >> referee: false start, number 81, o oense, five-yard penalty, still first down. since the clock was running -- >> the official on the ball, look at the chain crew. they're stiltrying to set. >> referee: reset the game clock. to 21 seconds. >> brady: it's still not set. and then he ends up running away jrom the football and allowing them to. look at him. i guessss81 did jump off the football. >> joe: the reception, clock winds down. one of the few calls tonight the washington fans will point to and thinkhey got the short end
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the four turnonors will spell doom for the huskies. coleman crossing the field, and that will bring this one to a close. utah comes on the roadnd gets a hard-fought 34-23 win to improve to 8-1. overall on the season. 5-1 in the pac 12, alone in first, still, at the top of the division. coaches have a final word. and chase hansen hurt on that last play. my goodness. not the way to end it. >> brady: right here in the middle, chase hansen, number 22. oh, no. >> joe: his own man rolled up on
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him. they continue to look at hansen. we'll do our best to get to the bottom of that. back to wrap it up from seattle right after these messages. it's the final countdown! the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown.
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>> joe: mix eed mowings to finish the night for utah, mixed emotions. 348-23 win against washington -- 34-23. chase hansen on the final play injures his leg with his own player rolling up on him. in a safety position, already dealing with the iuries e welcome back inside to wrap things up in seattle. joe davis with brady quinn. we ee get back to kris in a moment. tonight, number 12 team in the country able to take advantage of the four washington turnovers. >> brady: they took advantage of the turnovers by converting them to points. washington led time of possession, had more yards, ended up being their mistakes that came back to bite them in the butt. >> joe: les go down to kris budden who was with coach whititngham moments ago. tough finish but a good win for you. >> brady: i know that the turnovers were key in this game. you didn't have any the last two weeks. for today, how much of that
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went i io the preparation this week? >> coach: trying to get four turnovers? we'd like to prepare for that every wick. but a great job buy the defense, giving the offense short fiel. and played welln defense most all night long. offensively did just enough to get the win. good to get out with a win. it's a good team we just played. >> ks: the second half, you faced the turnovers, what did it take for to you flip the script and come out with the win? >> win the turnover margin, had to get pressure on the quarterback, did an averagjob of that. and just the team effort. the entire football team contributed, special teams were a nonfactor but andy did make big kicks, phillips, the place-kicker. just a team effort. sglempbltses that pac 12 schedudu gets tough, on the road next week. what does it take to finish out not of november? >> prafts on a grind, wife to worry about arizona, i don't know about the rest of the month. we have a tough trip to tucson, we have to be ready.
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>> joe: the first win for utah over wra in their ninth try. 3 34-23. tomorrow on fox the full day of nfl action, all starts with fox nfl kickoff 11:00 a.m. eastern. 8:00 a.m. in the pacific. up next on fox, except on the west coast, it's your late local news. that does it for us in seattle contributed to some of the mistakes tonight. utah was able too capitallizes off of the four washington turnovers. to improve to 8-1 on the season. three games left as they try to make their case for the college football playoffs. for chris budden, brady quinn and the fabulous crew here, joe
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right now on fox 28 -- big ten battle.// game noises-- eering //the hawkeyes and hoosiers go head-to-head in one of the biggest match-ups of the season.who came out on top... top...and police officers charged with murder. murder."he didn't d derve to die lili that and that's what's unfortunate"why these officers are behind bars - and their own colleagues say
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od evening.predictions that day's show-down with the hoosiers - - might be the hawks toughest game of the year - - turned out to be true - as iowa - - went or an - un-beaten - - nine and ohhh. ohhh.but the hawkeyes didn't back wn one fact, today's game has them saying, "hoosier daddy?" daddy?"fox 28 sports anchor pat moroney spent his day wi eyes on the game.he joins us now. last year... iowa was in prime position to win the big ten west... but they faltered down the stretch... this season... at 8-0... the hawkeyes are $& clearly a better team... but the question remains.. can they finish?... finish?.?.kirk ferentz's team in bloomington to play indiana... and on the second play of scrimmage... akrum wadley has some running room... and then he's gone.... runs by all the hoosiers... a 65-yard dash to the house... so iowa strikes first.... . but they were down three before the half... until this gamechanger... c-j beathardout of the pocket... eluding
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defenders... and then diving over them... what a play by c-j... iowa takes the lead at the half... they win 35-27... we'll have more hawkeye coverage later in sports... "something we've emphasized to r team is winnininin november. our best teams have done that if you're going to compete at a championship level that's really imperative. so, guys did a great job competeing out there today i thought we really prprared well this week k d certainly gutted it up and got the job done there in the fourth quarter." quarter."more football coverage coming up later in sports. the iowa caucuses are now less than days away. away.but every year some - one asks if the hawkeye state deserves to be first in the nation. 28 news reporter - steffi- lee - is here with the history - of why iowa is such a powerful - political - player. the herbert hoover presidential library museum wanted to talk about t caucuses - and they realized there wasn't much awareness on
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